Reducing Stress Levels Can Help Your Pursuit of Success

Written by Julie Morris of Julie Morris Life & Career Coaching

Meetings, evaluations, deadlines and timelines – it can all add up to stress.  Stress is rampant in our on-the-run lifestyle.  If you feel like you’re meeting yourself coming and going, it may be time to check your daily grind.  Here are some ideas for lowering stress so you can better achieve your professional goals. 

Stress has a purpose

Everyone experiences stress now and then.  Even happy events in our lives create stress, such as getting a promotion or starting a new venture.  Our bodies are designed to deal with short-term stress, but we get into trouble when stress becomes chronic.  Stress can be detrimental to our health, leading to headaches, upset stomach and heart disease.  You should be on the lookout for signs you’re enduring too much ongoing stress, such as burnout, anxiety, changes in diet, or abusing substances.

Less stress = better performance

Too much stress can not only affect your health, but it can also keep you from performing your best.  According to some experts, stress can interfere with your ability to achieve your goals.  When you are under stress, your ability to stay on track and manage time can falter, creating sensations of panic and frustration.  Processing new information can go down the drain.  You even put yourself at higher risk for making more detrimental mistakes, potentially leaving you or your company open to costly or damaging concerns. 

Better self-care

Tending to your physical and mental wellness outside the business arena are keys to superior performance at work, putting you in a better position for success in your career.  For example, while it may seem unrelated, improving your eating habits can lower your stress levels, helping you feel better physically and emotionally.  Many people fall into the trap of choosing convenience foods by hitting a drive-through or vending machine, instead of taking the time for a healthy and satisfying meal.  If you’re short on time, look into meal delivery services like Sun Basket, which charges between $72 and $144 for weekly plans.

And when was the last time you participated in a hobby?  Sometimes we can get so caught up in our pursuit of success we lose track of doing things for ourselves.  While it may seem like a frivolous use of time and energy, CNBC points out a hobby can actually benefit your career.  You can think on your feet better, stay more focused and solve problems more effectively when you take time out for leisure activities.  Consider plugging a sport into your schedule.  Activities including golf, basketball, tennis or another sport can take your mind off work and give you the opportunity to exercise as well. 

Improve your work life

Chances are you can make some improvements within your workplace.  For instance, experts cited by Forbes recommend looking for more opportunities to delegate.  Many of us fall into the trap of telling ourselves we know what we want and how we want it, but sometimes letting go of details can mean feeling less strung out over your circumstances. 

Open communication is another way to decrease stress at work. For example, are you sometimes unsure of what is expected from you?  Or, do you need to better articulate your expectations of others?  Simply clarifying roles can often alleviate confusion and anxiety.

Finding ways to save money is another surefire way to cut down on stress.  Are you spending money every month on office rent when you could easily work from home?  Consider taking that cash and spending it on a contractor, who can help you transform an empty room in your home into a full-blown office — all you’ll need is a desk, a comfy chair, some shelves (built-in options are great), and equipment. In Strongsville, you can typically find a handyman to do these jobs for around $161 and $577, depending on the size of the task at hand.

And last but far from least, multitasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  If you’re juggling multiple tasks like trying to talk on speakerphone while answering emails and tallying numbers, your divided attention can mean dropping the ball.  Prioritize and set all but one thing aside so you can focus on each task properly. 

De-stress for success

Stress is detrimental to your health and can hinder your pursuit of success.  Look for ways to improve your life outside the workplace and on the job.  You’ll feel better and be in a better position to achieve your goals.