Brittany Ferrara

Who I am

So you've gotten this far in my website, and you're wondering who is this person who doesn't even know me and wants to help me grow and manage my business?  I would be wondering, too.

My name is Brittany, and I am the owner of Pro-Assist, LLC.  I am a Virtual Assistant and marketer, and I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Business from Kent State University.  I wanted more than anything to write, but I also have a passion for business, so I intertwined these interests to create what is now Pro-Assist.

I have an Event & Wedding Planning certification, as well as Hubspot certifications in SEO, content marketing, inbound sales, and inbound marketing.  I have been helping clients be more productive for over 7 years.  I'm located in Strongsville, Ohio, but I work with businesses located all over the country!

The Story of Pro-Assist

I started my business as a Virtual Assisting company to help people get organized and better utilize their time and money.  I started learning a lot about SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, etc., and when I saw how helpful it was for my business at such a small cost, I wanted to help other businesses do the same.

Since I love learning so much, I dove into the books to teach myself.  Trial and error along with getting certifications and reading endless amounts of books taught me how to effectively help people trust a business without ever having met anyone in it AND help Google trust you too.  I added web design to my service menu because first impressions are important, and websites are the foundation of all digital marketing.  I'm constantly learning and growing and finding new ways to help clients be successful.

The Pro-Assist Team


Piper - Head of Catvertising

Piper started her career early on when she had to convince a team of firefighters to save her from a drain pipe at just 4 weeks old, but she didn't have to work too hard to get rescued and brought onto the Pro-Assist team.  From then on, she knew she was destined to eat, nap, and use her cuteness to pay her way and help catvertise for Pro-Assist.

Chewie, Chief Barketing Officer & Yeti, Chief of Petworking

Chewie and Yeti are a rescue brother duo team who dabble in sitting, shaking, and rolling over for treats, but who really thrive in the business department.  They believe in growing a business through building relationships, petworking, and getting out the vision of a brand out into the world.


Flexible contracting that includes options such as:

Month-to-month or longer term contracts

Project by project

Bucket of hours

Recurring hours on weekly or monthly basis

*Incentives offered for first-time customers and long-term contracts.

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